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University of Suffolk gets £245k to buy 3D printer


A council has agreed to give a university £245,000 to buy a 3D printer.

Ipswich Borough Council’s executive committee has approved the funding for the University of Suffolk’s Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre.

There will also be an additional £55,000 for associated equipment, to create a 3D productivity suite.

Centre manager Paul Thomas said the funding would provide a “wonderful new resource for the town and beyond”.

A 3D printer works like an inkjet printer, but instead of jetting drops of ink, the printer jets drops a resin that solidifies when exposed to UV light.

The university said it would allow prototypes to be made, and help in computer game design, and the creative arts, such as jewellery manufacture.

The council said it has agreed the funding to provide a “unique regional and flagship offer” to new and existing businesses, and to support the academic offer made by the university.

Stef Thorne, from the university, said: “The printer will be a huge asset and will be of benefit to research and innovation projects for our staff and students, for local schools and colleges and for local businesses, both small and large.”

Source: BBC Suffolk