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Ipswich Town v Wigan Athletic

Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday's Championship game between Ipswich Town and Wigan Athletic. Source: BBC Suffolk

Suffolk teacher jailed for having sex with two pupils

The judge said the defendant's text messages recorded his activities in "explicit detail". Source: BBC Suffolk

Ipswich stabbing: Two arrested after Nando's stabbing

A man has been discharged from hospital after being stabbed in the head outside the restaurant. Source: BBC Suffolk

Tavis Spencer-Aitkens: Teen 'named Ipswich gang as killers'

Tavis Spencer-Aitkens pointed the finger at "J-Block" before he died, a court hears. Source: BBC Suffolk

Ipswich attempted rape 'predators' have jail sentence cut

A judge says their 12-year sentences were too long because the men had not actually raped the woman. Source: BBC Suffolk

Ipswich stabbing: Man attacked outside Nando's

The victim was attacked by two men in green tracksuits at about 17:30 GMT, police say. Source: BBC Suffolk

West Suffolk hospital death: Coroner's concern over fall from bed

Sheila Coley, 79, died in hospital two weeks after she broke her hip. Source: BBC Suffolk

Technology solution to Suffolk adult care budget overspend

Social services hope using monitoring equipment could lessen the need for adult care home visits. Source: BBC Suffolk

Lowestoft rape: Man denies charge in Kimberley Road case

The victim alleges she was attacked after getting into a stranger's car. Source: BBC Suffolk

Ram-raids: Ipswich, Brantham and Combs Ford shops hit

Police say only one of the raids appears to have been successful. Source: BBC Suffolk

Tavis Spencer-Aitkens killing: Rival Ipswich gangs in 'shouting match'

A police officer tells how he broke up a row in a shop hours before a 17-year-old was killed. Source: BBC Suffolk

Man denies theft of Lowestoft police van

A vehicle was stolen from a police station before being abandoned in a town 15 miles away. Source: BBC Suffolk

Ipswich gallery celebrates 100 years of votes for women

Works on display include those by Maggi Hambling, who created the beach sculpture at Aldeburgh. Source: BBC Suffolk

Corrie Mckeague: Police trace man on CCTV footage

Corrie Mckeague's mother had said the public would be "horrified" if they saw the CCTV footage. Source: BBC Suffolk

Stoke City v Ipswich Town

Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday's Championship game between Stoke City and Ipswich Town. Source: BBC Suffolk

Greater Anglia scraps charges over lost money

Student Florence Lewis had £1.50 taken from her purse by Greater Anglia as a "storage fee". Source: BBC Suffolk