Home news Rendlesham residents in Facebook fury over bottle bank complaints

Rendlesham residents in Facebook fury over bottle bank complaints


Villagers in rural Suffolk have taken to social media to vent their frustration after noise complaints about bottle banks mean they will be removed from the village entirely.

Rendlesham Parish Council has been asked by the owner of the land where the banks are sited to remove them.

The council said “despite every effort” to not lose the “valuable” facility, an alternative site had not been found.

One person wrote: “I do really wonder what sort of place we live in.”

Another person commenting on the parish council’s Facebook page said: “Since moving back to Rendlesham all I’ve heard is about people moaning about noise, it’s bloody quiet round here!

“Seriously have people nothing better to complain about? Lack of recycling is killing our wildlife!”

One angry user wrote: “Some people in the lovely village are so short sighted. The children can’t play in the park to much noise. Now we can’t recycle glass because that makes to much noise. Is it OK to breathe?”

It is not the first time there have been noise complaints in Rendlesham.

A couple of years ago, when the council took over ownership of Jubilee Park, an outdoor gym was installed. Nearby neighbours complained about the noise and after a long debate it was agreed it would be moved.

Heather Heelis, parish clerk, said the location of the bottle banks in the village centre car park was the “furthest away from houses and the most accessible, especially for those who don’t drive”.

Suffolk Coastal Council said environmental health officers did noise tests in August at a property near the facility and no statutory noise nuisance was established.

In a statement, Rendlesham Parish Council said the bottle banks would be removed the first week of December following the complaints, but it would continue to look for alternative locations.

Source: BBC Suffolk