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Marc Almond swore at people talking at Ipswich concert


Singer Marc Almond has apologised for swearing at a number of people “talking loudly” during one of his shows.

As reported by the Ipswich Star, the outburst happened on Saturday when his Shadows and Reflections Tour arrived at the Ipswich Regent.

The outburst is understood to have been directed towards a man and a woman in the front row.

It is understood he repeatedly swore at the pair.

BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Stephen Foster was at the show and told how the episode unfolded after about half an hour.

Foster said: “I was a way away from the front and I did not hear the people talking, so when he started swearing it was surprising, it was shocking. It got pretty nasty.

“Some of the audience, mainly his diehard fans, started applauding when he did it.

“But I got the impression that it was the main thing people were talking about when they left the Regent.”

Speaking on Twitter, Almond said: “They also spoil it for other audience members who have come to listen.

“I’m sorry for the language but they have no respect for me or others.

“I think anyone who has been to one of my shows knows how I deal with people who just standing talking loudly at the front, ignoring songs.”

His actions were supported by some who responded on Twitter, while others said they had found his language “totally unnecessary”.

Marc Almond

  • As part of duo Soft Cell, he had number one success in 17 countries with Tainted Love in 1981
  • His duet with Gene Pitney, a cover of Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart, also topped the UK charts
  • Almond recorded one of his most famous songs, Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, with Jools Holland
  • His most recent album Shadows and Reflections features covers of songs from the 1960s
  • The singer was left in a critical condition when he was involved in a motorbike accident in 2004

Source: BBC Suffolk